Who Are These Nerds?


Renigade Warrior (Ian)

Gamer geek, LARP Geek, and Fixit Geek. Ian has been attempting and failing to “pwn noobs” in games and LARP for years. He makes his living as a repair man and sometimes tries his hand at making LARP weapons and props. Ian has also been a known tech nerd and loves to know how everything works.


Fabricated Geek (Jez)

A lot of people will accuse Jez of having too many costumes. Her response is typically as follows: “Look. Just because I have a separate costume closet, and five large plastic storage containers, which may be overflowing, plus everything scattered across the craft room, and drawers, and part of my real-clothes closet… doesn’t mean there are too many!”

In addition to being a costumer and crafter, Jez is interested in science, comics, movies, RPGs of all sorts, and even the occasional video game. When not consumed with her dozens of hobbies, she works as a software test engineer.


Zombie of Drake (Drake)

Drake is an information sponge, who typically keeps twenty-plus Wikipedia tabs open on his phone. He derives enjoyment from telling Ian when he is factually inaccurate when Ian is trying to tell jokes, which says something both about Drake’s abnormal humor and Ian’s jokes. He enjoys wearing heavy armor, and getting knocked flat on the field of battle. He’s into tabletop games, LARPs, battlegames, video games, books, cosplay, anime, Rubik’s Cubes, reproducible science, science fiction, astronomy, statistics, and dozens of other things. He gets paid to build giant robots, which his inner child thinks is awesome.


Clever Robot (Nate)

Nate likes to make things. It gives him some odd joy in life to create all kinds of things including costumes, weapons, furniture, props, and all kinds of other randomness. He’s done his fair share of gaming including 20+ years as a GM, running LARPs, and trying to save the world in various video games. In his spare time he works as a web designer.

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