Salty Geek is going to space! (Almost… kinda.)

If you haven’t noticed by now, all of us at Salty Geek really like the topic of space and space exploration. Which is why I am really excited to make the following announcement:

As we said in the last episode, we were planning to get a few of us to go up to ATK for their upcoming static rocket test and getting you the best footage we possibly could. Well, now we’re stepping that promise up a notch! I will be heading up to ATK for two full days on March 10-11 to not only see the test, but also tour the facilities and get interviews with some of the rocket scientists and engineers (and maybe even a couple astronauts) who are involved with the development and use of these rockets to share with all of you!

The test will be on the the most powerful solid fueled rocket booster to date. Curious how solid fuel rockets work? Here’s a great breakdown from Space Daily if you want to read up before things get fired up!


(Image Credit: ATK)

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